Mihail & Tina

Kenneth & Deanna

“Thank you Debbie for all you did for us so we could get our first  home. It was not easy, it took months of searching but you were always there for us. You helped us with everything regarding purchasing our home and we appreciate you very much  Honestly, you were more that our agent you were our friend thorough all this, and beyond. We were very lucky to find someone like you, someone with knowledge of the business and patience!"

 Wade & Ashley

“Being a first time home buyer, we were overwhelmed by such a daunting endeavor. But Debbie made buying our first home easy – she is so knowledgeable about real estate and all the intricacies of purchasing a home. And she was there for us the whole way – even AFTER we moved in – she answered all our little questions about home ownership. Thanks Deb!”

 Patrick & Amanda

“Debbie was great to work with! She helped answer all of our many questions. She made a stressful situation less worrisome!”

 Martin & Lily

“It’s been a pleasure working with Debbie. With her help, we were able to find a nice cozy home that was within our price range and it had all that we were looking for. She gave us plenty of advice and we did not feel any pressure!”


“If you have ever dreamt of home ownership, but were afraid you were unable to afford it, then you need to talk to the wonderful team of Barbara Van Duyn, Mortgage Planning Adviser from First Priority Financial and Debbie Baldes, Real Estate Broker from Executive Properties. I met Barbara in late September, 2008 and I told her I really wanted to know if I could afford to buy a home and the price range I wanted for a mortgage payment. She took all the paperwork needed to begin qualifying me for a loan, ran my credit, gave me advice on how to clear up any questions regarding my credit, gave me three possible scenarios of what my payments would look like if the house was purchased at the prices listed. Once Barbara got me pre-approved with a lender (October, 2008), she referred me to Debbie Baldes and told me to go shopping!!

What can I say about Debbie? Well, first of all, we share the same name with a slightly different spelling, but our nicknames are the same (Deb). I met her and she showed me two homes the first time we met. The following week she was on vacation, but when she came back, we hit the ground running. She showed me three or four homes with sheets on all the amenities each home offered. We put in bids on homes, but a few of them were short sales so we knew we would have to wait on the bank before we could proceed. Then the day before Halloween we went out and looked at about five homes. We put bids on three of them and one of them was my home!! I went out of town that weekend with my girls and we prayed that one of those homes would be mine. Before I knew it, I was signing all kinds of paperwork to purchase my very first home!!! Then on November 25, 2008, I became a first-time homebuyer! My dream had come true and the best part of all was that the house was bigger than I originally thought and it was appraised at a higher price than I paid for it before I ever walked in the door!! Debbie was the best Broker anyone could ever hope for. She worked hard for me to get the home I wanted. Then when I got the keys and walked in the door of my new home, there was a large basket on my kitchen counter full of things for my new house like paper towels, nails, tacks, tape measure, etc. It was so special and it was from Debbie and Barbara. Once you meet Debbie, you’ll find out that she loves houses with “red” doors. Well my house has a white door, but I love it just the same! Maybe one day I’ll paint it red, but I’ll have to paint the whole house to compliment the red door!
I had my housewarming on January 24th and the dynamic duo (Debbie & Barbara) both came and shared this wonderful day with me. They did everything to make sure the day was super special for me. I couldn’t ask for more! They put “excellence” in customer service. So if you’re in the market for a new home, take my advice, don’t think twice, just pick up the phone and call the best group in Sacramento County, first Barbara Van Duyn to get pre-approved and then Debbie Baldes to find your home. It will be the best step you ever made towards purchasing the home of your dreams!!”

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